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Travel Industry Roundup | January 6

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A new year is upon us. Like sand through the hourglass, so pass the days of our life. As the calendar turns, it’s natural to wonder what the future holds.

Where are we going?

Why are we here?

What does it all mean?

To be honest, we have no idea. At Rocketrip we’re laser focused on reducing our clients’ travel costs. So while you were out there pondering Life’s Big Questions, we were collecting these stories from the world of travel.


Corporate Travel Leaders Hope for Stability, Plan for Growth in 2017

Skift asked leaders at companies that focus on corporate travel what their hopes, concerns, and priorities are for the coming year. “After a difficult year for business travel — due in large part to widespread uncertainty and global security concerns — corporate travel executives are hoping 2017 brings some relief.” One of the executives interviewed for the piece was Rocketrip’s own Dan Ruch, who suggested that Concur’s recent acquisition of Hipmunk is one of several signs that travel management strategies are evolving in employee-centric ways.


2017 Airfare Predictions

Speaking of 2017 predictions, the first Rocketrip blog post of the new year is full of them, specifically ones related to airfare prices. Ticket prices will be flat in the year ahead. This comes on the back of airfares decreasing in 2016, so for travelers, no news is good news.


New York Unveils $10 Billion JFK Overhaul

And speaking of good news, travelers at one of the country’s busiest airports have reason to celebrate. This week New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced plans for $10 billion worth of improvements to John F. Kennedy International Airport. Along with the Second Avenue Subway finally opening and the ongoing renovation of LaGuardia Airport, surely this marks a golden era of NYC transportation infrastructure investment.

2017: so far, so good.

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