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Corporate Cultures

How a Culture of Choice Can Rebuild Trust in your Travel Program

What does your travel program say about your company? Have your travelers bragged about your policy to their peers?...

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Corporate Travel

New Launch: Rocketrip Adds Hotel and Flight Cleanliness Data

Tech innovation will play a big role in keeping travelers safe as travel picks up — whether it’s as complex as...

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Business Travelers

3 Ideas for Improving Communication with Business Travelers

I’m on the new business team at Rocketrip, so I speak with travel managers and finance leaders every day about their...

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Travel and Expense Management

It Costs How Much? | Rocketrip at ProcureCon 2017

In just a few short weeks, the Rocketrip team will be making a trip out to Henderson, Nevada for ProcureCon 2017....

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