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SocialCode Saves $351 per Trip | Client Case Study

Growth, to paraphrase the best known line from the movie Wall Street, is good. But when it comes to employee travel expenses, many organizations have found that growth is also expensive.

Our latest case study examines how one company addressed the problem. SocialCode is a leading provider of advertising technology and analytic insights to the world’s biggest brands. As SocialCode grew to serve a global client base, the company needed a way to manage employee travel spending at scale.

Download a copy of the case study to see:

  • How Rocketrip works in tandem with SocialCode’s existing travel management company and expense reporting system.
  • How incentivizing use of high-impact travel saving strategies has led employees to spend 34% less than their budgeted trip costs.
  • How SocialCode maximized its net-reduction in travel expenses with a company-wide roll out of Rocketrip.

Visit the Rocketrip Customers Page to see other examples of organizations that have reduced their expenses and improved their employees’ travel experience.


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