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How I Rocketrip: Drew Childers of Yieldbot

No two business trips are quite the same. It’s the reason why Rocketrip produces real-time trip budgets customized to each specific itinerary and company travel policy. It's also why we talk with actual business travelers as often as we can to get their unique takes.

Drew Childers is Shopper Marketing Sales Director at Yieldbot, and a pro at finding ways to come in under his Rocketrip Budget to Beat. We caught up with Drew after a recent trip to find out a bit more about how he Rocketrips.

We'd like to hear about the work you do at Yieldbot. As a Shopper Marketing Sales Director, do you spend much time on the road meeting with clients?
I do spend time on the road.  I would say I am probably out of the office for at least one week per month.  I am located in the Bentonville, AR office for Yieldbot, and many of the clients we work with here are looking to grow their business with Walmart. As a result I also spend a lot of time right here in our Bentonville office helping our clients locally.

Looks like you consistently find ways to beat your Rocketrip budgets, such as taking cheaper connecting flights, booking through online deal sites, and staying with friends (nice job!). Can you tell us more about how you manage your trips? How do you search for flights and hotels, and what factors do you consider when booking?
I definitely go straight to Rocketrip first to get an idea of what the trip should cost. From there I back into securing a budget. I will use multiple websites to find the right deal in the right area on hotels.

What's your favorite city to visit?
Anywhere in California is great with me. I also enjoy going to Atlanta.

Can you recall the best meal you ever had on a business trip?
OMG, soo many here. With our company HQ’s being in NYC I am always being introduced to something incredible. My favorite restaurant in NYC is Red Farm in the West Village, and my favorite place I have been recently is Barcelona in Atlanta, GA.

How will you spend your Rocketrip Points?
We use Amazon a lot in our house so I most often redeem my Rocketrip points for an Amazon gift card.

Business travel has plenty of inconvenient aspects, but also some small pleasures. Rank these in order of personal importance:

  1. Getting a free upgrade to a hotel suite
  2. Finding out that there's an empty seat next to you on a flight
  3. Loading up on fancy hotels soaps and shampoos
  4. Having a few free minutes to leisurely peruse magazines at an airport newsstand

I'd say: B, A, D, C.

Thanks to Drew for telling us about his travels! To find out more about how to create a travel policy that cuts your company's T&E costs and rewards employees for spending smart, contact Rocketrip about a free demo.


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